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Pierre got so absorbed in his work that he forgot to eat.

You'd better be very careful. I'm sure about that. Judging from her appearance, I think that she's rich. Alejandro went home on foot. Wash everything. Who knows for sure? The money involved isn't insignificant. I miss Abraham's spirituality bookshop. It was so cozy with chairs with cushions. I thought you might find this interesting. It's still light outside.

He can overcome any obstacle. I want to stay and watch. You don't love Alex, do you?

It's not really a competition. She owes him a lot of money. Syun is being very cooperative. I don't think you'll be disappointed. We're going this way.

His perfect score brought the class average up. Sherman's car is the only one in the parking lot. Did she indicate a price for it? Look, you can't wing the test and expect to ace it, Julian. We need help in here. I helped you save your lives. He is making spare parts in a car factory. Please save my place.

He is there for a few days. She is exact in all the instructions she gives. We'll have to wait and see. Now I know why. Everyone likes free stuff. The index rose 4% from the preceding month.

The government is expelling illegal aliens as part of a crackdown. You're going to hurt yourself. They hate our guts. Jared introduced himself to everyone. Do you want to go to a movie? Why are you cutting the fruits? This is the mystery book I enjoyed reading the most. Get in the car immediately. That's how it all began. To tell the truth, he was lonely.

Every day I just keep getting reminded about the places we visited. When we started out, we realized that if we didn't have a good product, we wouldn't succeed. The visitor left a message with his sister. I was nearly run over by a car. Have they said anything? Is there somebody you want to call? My teeth ache. I need to make an appointment with my dentist. It's obvious that he lied.

He is taking a day off today. Jock explained the schedule to Trey. I'm taking him home with me. He's such a jerk. Sofoklis had many opportunities to meet Vivek over the summer. The western sky glowed with crimson. Him, honest? What a joke! I'm a cool kid. Is this water OK to drink? Have you arranged things for our departure?

The name doesn't come to me. I want to take notes. I don't want to come back here ever again. Is it really true that 30% of the people who live here have never seen the ocean? There is no excuse for the way Gill acted at the party. Takeshi hopes to go to London to study English. I understand you had a fight with Merril yesterday. I consider Jitendra to be responsible. That's the way she likes it. I wish I could speak French like a native speaker.

He can't write with a pen or punch keys on a computer. The X-axis is the horizontal axis and the Y-axis is the vertical axis. There aren't any fish living in this river anymore. I'll meet her tomorrow at 2:30. I think it will be easy to do the job. We went back to my place and then we started coloring pictures together. Fay didn't notice that his shoes were untied. That matter is the same one that we discussed the other day. Trey didn't know which one to choose. We should try doing this another way.

I thought Neal would leave that part out. Divide this line segment into twenty equal parts. I can't understand why do you insist all the time in inviting her.

A Turkish soft G and a Spanish H eloped and had lots of completely silent children together. Which one did you choose? I'll never be able to trust you again. My hobby is collecting foreign stamps. You've wasted enough of my time already. There's something you don't know about Dwight. You need to follow the rules. The heyday of the Romans is over.

Roughly how many minutes does it take to get to the station by taxi? Children hate cod liver oil. Don't cry / For the good times gone. / Smile instead / While they're still going on. Am I imagining things?

Some bike. They are eating bread. I don't have time for breakfast. Continual improvement of the organization's overall performance should be a permanent objective of the organization. Dirk wondered who Kelvin was looking for. Can she come in time? The bear began tearing at the tent. Do you have any identification? Nothing offends people worse than broken promises. I think she has a beautiful smile.

I knew what Tracey was doing. Give me your opinion, please. Every girl cannot be a ballerina. We're sorry we weren't able to help you. All the CPR efforts have failed. We must've taken the wrong road. We speak Turkish.

Come down here and eat with us. I don't know what you heard about Antonio. There are a lot of books in the library. Taurus got three presents for his birthday. He can barely read.